12 San Antonio-area authors presenting at the Texas Book Festival

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Get to know the San Antonio-area invitees and find the next great book for your library.

Kimberly Garza.

Kimberly Garza.

Courtesy of Kimberly Garza

Kimberly Garza

A Uvalde native and assistant professor of creative writing and literature at UTSA, Kimberly Garza will be presenting her first novel, The Last Karankawas. The novel follows a family in Galveston descended from the extinct Karankawa tribe and their tight-nit relationships on the eve of Hurricane Ike’s destructive path.

“I’ve loved the Texas Book Festival since I first attended as a UT student, spending money I didn’t have to buy signed books,” Garza said. “I’m honored to be an invited author this year! I hope readers connect with the unsung corners of Texas in my novel — Galveston, Brownsville, and my hometown of Uvalde — and the characters’ struggles with belonging and home.”

Xavier Garza, author of 'Vincent Ventura and the Curse of the Weeping Woman' and 'La Llorana Can't Scare Me.'

Xavier Garza, author of ‘Vincent Ventura and the Curse of the Weeping Woman’ and ‘La Llorana Can’t Scare Me.’

Courtesy of Xavier Garza

Xavier Garza

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