15 Recipes That Taste Just Like the Ones Grandma Never Wrote Down

In hindsight, we probably should have followed Grandma around with a little notebook and pen, jotting down notes as she went about her business. How to politely to send your regrets, how to wrangle 20-plus people for Sunday night dinner without breaking a sweat, the stories (oh, the stories!), and then, in a league all their own, are the recipes. The pillowy-soft rolls that she pulled together by memory, the comforting classics that seemed right for just about every occasion, and the desserts. From pies to cakes and more, Grandma’s treats aimed to please. Whether she had the South’s greatest sweet tooth or just took such pleasure in indulging the ones of those around her, we’ll never know.

What might have been most remarkable about all of Grandma’s most famous recipes is that they didn’t call for a bunch of ingredients or hard-to-find spices. They were simply stated and produced out-of-this-world results. Maybe there was a bit of magic in her fingertips or maybe she just knew the perfect ratio of seasonings, either way, we’ll forever work to recreate these iconic recipes that regularly graced Grandma’s table. While we might never find those grease-splattered recipes scribbled on yellow legal pad paper, these Southern classics come mighty close. You’ll be serving up a big dish of nostalgia with every bite—just make sure you pass them on to younger generations. In fact, you have our full permission to go ahead and call them your very own family recipes.






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