33 Best Chicken Wing Recipes

What would watching football be like without wings? A whole lot less delicious! As the story goes, one night in 1964, the owner of a Buffalo, New York bar created the original hot sauce-covered crispy wings for her hungry son. Then, just three years later, while the mouth-watering snack was gaining popularity, the very first Super Bowl game took place — and the rest is history! Ever since, wings have been an absolute must-have for tailgating.

But wings go way beyond Buffalo sauce and sports. The versatile, affordable, easy-to-eat bites are savored in cuisines around the world. Whether fried, grilled, baked, smoked, sauced, dry-rubbed or glazed, there’s no doubt wings are always a winning dish.

Bobby Flay's Chipotle-Honey Glazed Chicken Wings

Bobby Flay

This just might be Bobby Flay’s favorite way to serve chicken wings. “They are super crispy thanks to a coating of smoky seasonings and the sauce is sweet and spicy at the same time,” he says. “They have every everything you want in a great game-day wing.”

Extra Crispy Oven-Baked Wings

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

What’s the secret to making the crispiest wings? Just a pat down and time in the oven. Drying chicken wings and baking them at a high temperature help make them perfectly crispy without any of the added fat of frying.

Grilled Chicken Wings with Alabama White Sauce

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

This recipe was inspired by the wings at Big Bob Gibson BBQ in Decatur, Alabama. White barbecue sauce is a North Alabama tradition dating back to 1925. The creamy, tangy sauce is perfect for serving alongside smoky grilled wings.

Southern Barbecue Chicken Wings

Nathan Congleton/TODAY

Gail Simmons has never met a spicy chicken wing she didn’t like, and these are no exception. “These are perfect with cold beer! I could eat an entire platter of them on my own any day,” she says. Using a cooling rack set inside a baking sheet allows air to circulate and helps the wings get extra crispy without frying. Also, making your own barbecue sauce is the key; this one is super tangy and bright.

Craig's Sticky Soy Sauce Wings

Zach Pagano / TODAY

Craig Melvin loves wings, but Buffalo sauce is not his thing (gasp!). He prefers to flavor his wings with an Asian-inspired barbecue sauce that includes soy sauce, rice vinegar and sesame oil, with some brown sugar for that sweet factor. Keep the napkins close for these sticky snacks!

Masala Wings

Tiffani Faison

This Indian-inspired take on wings has the spice but adds a complexity and depth that blows regular Buffalo wings away. These are great for dipping into Greek yogurt to add a creamy texture and cool down the heat a touch. Pro tip: A wing that’s a touch overdone is better than a touch underdone.

Buffalo Chicken Wings

M.C. Suhocki / TODAY

You can’t go wrong with this classic version of Buffalo chicken wings from Martha Stewart. “They’re a crowd-pleasing dish for any get together, and especially great for a Super Bowl party,” she says. “Buy whole wings, with the tips intact. Besides making a better presentation, the tips give you something to hold onto while eating the wings, and they turn wonderfully crunchy in the oven (for the last bite).

Hatch Vinegar Chicken Wings with Alabama Barbecue Sauce

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Buffalo native Matt Abdoo loves this recipe because it brings back memories of home. “These remind me of my upstate New York roots and enjoying Buffalo wings, but with a barbecue twist,” he says. Plus, they don’t require a fryer. Use a smoker if you have one, but if you don’t, a low temperature grill works great.

Smoked and Fried Chicken Wings

Courtesy Rodney Scott

Smoky and crisp chicken wings — what’s not to love? Smoking the wings first instills that natural wood coal flavor. Frying them afterwards ensures they turn out piping hot with perfectly crispy skin.

Guava-Glazed Chicken Wings

Courtesy Rosana Rivera

Sweet and savory strike a beautiful balance in this deliciously different wing recipe. A smoky spice rub of paprika, mustard powder and herbs lays the flavor foundation here. Then a glaze of tropical guava paste, ketchup and sticky molasses adds a sugary note with a touch of vinegar for tang.

Baked Barbecue Buffalo Wings with Alabama White Sauce

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

What’s better than wings in a craveable sauce? Wings with two types of sauce! With one that’s spicy and one that’s creamy, they come together to amp up the flavor in these baked chicken wings. The secret to a wonderful baked wing is to toss them in baking powder which makes the chicken skin extra crispy.

Honey Chicken Wings

Camila Alves

These sweet and smoky baked wings are always a huge hit! Make sure to really rub the seasoning into the chicken and then marinate overnight (if time allows) to fully infuse them with flavor. The finished product is so tempting, they may not even make it from the oven to the table.

Baked Barbecue Chicken Wings

Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

Al Roker’s no-brainer baked chicken wings are smothered in a delicious espresso barbecue sauce from Austin’s famous barbecue joint Franklin Barbecue. The roasted, rich flavor of espresso exquisitely complements the sweet, smoky flavors of barbecue. This eye-opening sauce is sure to be a new game-day favorite.

Cleveland Grilled Chicken Wings

Yosef Herzog

Bake, grill and baste: That’s all it takes to make delectable wings! The Asian-inspired barbecue sauce brings a burst of flavor. It’s filled with aromatic garlic and ginger, sweet mirin and hoisin and spicy chile paste. A squeeze of fresh lime juice adds a tart citrus finish.

Spicy Grilled Sesame Chicken Wings

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Yes, it is possible to have deliciously crispy chicken wings without frying them. These tasty bites get baked and then grilled for an extra crunchy finish. To save time on game day, bake the chicken wings in the oven the day before and then heat them on the grill when ready to serve.

Peanut Butter and Hot Honey Glazed Wings

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Game day? Love wings? Craving peanut butter? Meet Anthony Contrino’s go-to spicy chicken wings. Trust us: The flavor combo seriously works.

Rhode Island-Style Chicken Wings


Cooking the wings in the style of confit makes it very tender and ensures that it is completely cooked before frying. The pepper relish adds a bit of freshness, while the white barbecue sauce ties it all together for a very well balanced and easy-to-eat game-day dish.

Chicken Wings with Honey-Cider Brown Butter Sauce

Nathan Congleton/TODAY

Melted butter, sticky honey and piquant apple cider vinegar make the most delicious — and easiest — homemade wing sauce. Don’t bother with a dainty drizzle for this recipe, just slather the heck out of it. There’s no such thing as adding too much of this irresistible sauce.

Korean Fried Chicken Wings

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

The extra crispy crust of Korean fried chicken makes it so addictive. The secret ingredient here is matzo meal, which keeps this crust super crunchy, and a splash of vodka, which prevents gluten development, making these wings super crispy.

Miso-Honey Chicken Wings

M.C. Suhocki / TODAY

Martha Stewart glazes these chicken wings with a quick mixture of miso and honey. Salty, umami-packed miso mitigates the sweetness of honey so well in the simple, two-ingredient sauce. To make this recipe even easier, she bakes the wings in the oven so there’s less cleanup required.

Air-Fried Tipsy Tequila Wings

Jernard Wells

Juicy pineapple, fiery chipotles, sweet agave and a few shots of tequila give the sauce a distinctively south-of-the-border taste. Spicy, sweet and smoky all at once, these wings pack a big flavor punch. Spraying the wings with little nonstick cooking spray before air frying ensures they turn out perfectly crispy every time.

Sweet and Spicy Thai Chicken Wings

Grace Parisi

These oven-baked hot wings are just as crispy as their deep-fried cousins, thanks to a super-light coating of highly seasoned flour. The sweet chili dipping sauce is the perfect complement to the spice-rubbed wings. Fryer-free bonus: No messy stove and they won’t leave the house smelling like a sports bar.

Spicy Baked Chicken Wings with Cilantro Lime Yogurt Dipping Sauce

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Gordon Ramsay’s cool yogurt dipping sauce helps temper the heat of his spicy chicken wings. Baking the wings makes them a lighter option for game day and lets the more subtle flavors in the dish shine through. Pushing the meat up to one end of the drumette pieces makes them look like savory little lollipops and even easier to eat.

Foil-Packet Sticky Jerk Chicken Wings

Will Coleman

With store-bought jerk marinade, honey and blender pineapple-habanero sauce, these wings will make you feel as if you just left a much-needed tropical vacation. Just be prepared to eat a lot of them — they’re that addicting.

Curry Chicken Wings

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Crispy is the name of the game when it comes to wings. Double flouring and double frying make these wings double crunchy. The curry sauce is made with hot chiles, creamy coconut milk, tangy tamarind, sweet palm sugar and a host of savory spices. It hits all the flavor notes: sweet, salty, sour, spicy and umami.

Tandoori Chicken Wings

M.C. Suhocki / TODAY

Martha marinates chicken wings in a yogurt and garam masala spice mixture to make them super tender and flavorful. She then broils them until crispy and glazes them with mango chutney for the perfect finishing touch. An apple-infused dipping sauce provides a cooling accompaniment.

Spicy Sesame-Orange Wings

Courtesy Tiffani Faison

This has everything delicious about Chinese takeout chicken — in wing form. The crispy, juicy chicken wings are coated in a citrusy triple-orange sauce. They are sweet, sticky, spicy and the sesame seeds give the wings an incredibly nutty finish.

Buffalo Wings with Herbed Ranch and Blue Cheese-Celery Salad

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Classic Buffalo wings get an elegant upgrade in this party-perfect recipe. Onions, white wine and smoky spices give the traditional sauce a more complex depth of flavor, fine herbs add a fancy flair to the homemade ranch dip and a delicate blue cheese and shaved celery salad provides a classy garnish.

Caramelized Thai-Style Hot Wings

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Aromatic garlic and a touch of sweet honey set these wings apart from your usual game-day fare. A mixture of airy panko breadcrumbs and cornstarch add extra crunch to the wings without making them feel heavy. A sprinkle of chopped Thai basil and cilantro gives them a bright and fresh finish.

Soda Pop-Glazed Chicken Wings

Courtesy Justin Ong / Getty Images

When combined with sharper flavors like mustard and spicy ginger, soda creates a perfectly balanced coating for chicken wings. Any soda works to help give the glaze that added sweetness. Season the wings generously 1 to 2 days before cooking to let the spices soak into the meat. The wings will have maximum flavor in every bite, all the way to the bone.

Orange-Hoisin Chicken Wings

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

A winning combo of orange juice and hoisin give these sticky wings a delicious sweet and savory flavor. They are so easy to make and a great crowd-pleaser. Prefer pork to chicken? Try this recipe with ribs instead of wings!

Ginger-Scallion Chicken Wings

M.C. Suhocki / TODAY

Martha’s amazing Asian-inspired wings are made with just three ingredients: wings, ginger and scallions. That’s it! They’re many from so few elements but bring so much flavor.

Maple-Black Pepper Wings

Courtesy Tiffani Faison

This is a refined sauce that gives wings a sophisticated touch. The combination of tangy vinegar with the heat of black pepper, sweetness of the maple syrup and earthiness of the rosemary is a flavor revelation. It elevates wings from your average game-day grub to a fancy football food.






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