5 Buffalo-sauced recipes that bring the heat

Buffalo Wings, pictured above. You like the classics: It’s Buffalo wings, any day. These ultra-crunchy wings are IT. Make sure to check out Aaron Hutcherson’s guide to wings to make them exactly the way you want, whether that means oil-fried, air-fried or oven-baked.

Hot Buffalo Chicken Dip. Tap into nostalgia with this throwback dish that’s unapologetically salty, creamy, rich, spicy, delicious. Becky Krystal even suggests adding just a little pickled jalapeño for an extra briny zip of flavor.

Veggie Buffalo Spread. Want to dial it back a notch? The thing about Buffalo dip is sometimes, all the richness and saltiness doesn’t actually allow you to home in on the delicious Buffalo flavor. Enter this veggie spread where chopped raw veggies offer a counterpoint to all the creamy goodness.

Buffalo Wing Burgers. Okay, time to take it up to 11: Make Buffalo burgers. Take all the flavor you love and harness it with these chicken or turkey burgers (beef would just compete with the flavor of Buffalo sauce).






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