8 YouTube pro tricks for better searches and more privacy

YouTube's incognito mode lets you browse freely without worrying about your search and watch history reflecting it.

Here’s a YouTube trick I stumbled upon and now use all the time: When you’re trying to learn to do something and getting lost in the steps, open the video’s transcript.

Press the three dots or the more option underneath the video’s title, then choose Transcript from the dropdown menu. You can copy it, save it, and print it. That was easy, huh? Just be careful about downloading the video. Tap or click for a list of ways you may be breaking the law online without knowing it.

Little pro tips like these make life easier and your gadgets more useful. Tap or click for five more useful tricks you’ll wish someone taught you sooner.

Before you fall into a YouTube rabbit hole, check out these tips for hiding what you look for and finding what you want. Speaking of, be sure you subscribe to my channel at YouTube.com/KimKomando.






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