A guide to debunking political, election misinformation in minutes

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The rise of internet and social media has brought a surge in misinformation that can travel at the speed of a finger click on the “share” button.

And there’s no time like an election season to hone your critical thinking skills and ensure you don’t get duped.

The Arizona Republic spoke with two experts on misinformation, Julie Smith of Webster University in St. Louis and Scott Ruston of Arizona State University, to build a 5-step guide on how you can quickly fact check information.

Step 1: Start with a gut check on emotions

It isn’t practical to fact check your entire social media feed, so before you can debunk, you need to figure out what’s worth the effort.

Start with a gut check on your emotions. If you feel extremely angry, confused or upset after reading or watching something, it could be because that article, video or photo was designed to make in-the-moment critical thinking harder.

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