After burn hazard, Fitbit recalls 1.7 million ‘Ionic’ smartwatches, Technology News

More than 1.7 million smartwatches have been recalled by fitness tracker company Fitbit. The action has been taken due to a technical problem with the “Ionic” line of smartwatches.  

Numerous customers of the product had earlier reported that batteries were overheating and leading to burn injuries to them.  

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In a statement, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, said, “Fitbit has received at least 115 reports in the United States (and 59 reports internationally) about the overheating of the battery in the watch. There were 78 reports of burn injuries in the United States, which include two reports of third-degree burns and four reports of second-degree burns (and 40 reports of burn injuries internationally).”  

The recall only applies to the ‘Ionic line’, Fitbit said while issuing a statement.   

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Fitbit has sold over one million units of the Ionic smartwatch in the US and 700,000 units internationally. The company has encouraged anyone, who owns an Ionic smartwatch, to stop using it and return it to the firm in exchange for a refund.  

The company’s other product lines are safe, Fitbit also said.  

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