Aluminum Foil Dinner Recipes | Southern Living

There are a million and one ways that cooking has upgraded overtime. One invention that we’re especially grateful for: aluminum foil. We can’t think of a greater convenience than the easy clean up, cover up, and storing opportunities that aluminum foil offers us in the kitchen. Plus, there are so many other ways to use aluminum foil outside of cooking. We rounded up our favorite recipes that use aluminum foil for those nights where dinner needs to be an all-inclusive, fast affair – both the cooking and clean up. There are tasty sheet pan dinners and appetizers and several foil packet suppers for those especially busy nights. Some of the foil packet dinners can even be made in advance, so if you’re heading out for an evening hike and need a portable trail dinner, then those are the meals for you. After you’ve enjoyed your tasty meal, clean-up is easier than ever, plus if there are any leftovers, you can use – you guessed it – aluminum foil to store them in the fridge. 






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