Apple is not changing Mac Mini’s design for 2023 model | Technology News

New Delhi: American tech giant Apple will be retaining the same current model for the next-generation Mac mini.

As per reports obtained by Mac Rumours, the refreshed Mac mini is likely to retain the same form factor as the current model, which is an aluminum unibody design that Apple has used for every new Mac mini since 2010. 

Earlier this week, Kuo said that the new Mac mini will not launch until 2023. This runs contrary to earlier rumours suggesting that Apple was working on a complete redesign for the small desktop computer, moving to a smaller chassis with a `plexiglass-like` top.

For the unversed, Apple has been believed to be working on a new Mac mini for some time. It updated the entry-level Mac mini with the M1 chip in November 2020, but the high-end offering is still the Space Gray model with an Intel processor from 2018.

The potential of replacing this older high-end model with an Apple silicon machine was previously at the center of rumors related to the new Mac minis, but now it looks like both the entry-level and the high-end model may be refreshed simultaneously, as per Mac Rumours.

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