Barnes & Noble’s Best Books of 2022

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Barnes & Noble has announced their Best Books of 2022 today. The list, comprised of 10 books that were hand-selected by Barnes & Noble booksellers, include books by Pulitzer Prize winners as well as debut authors. The genres and subject matter included in the list range from dark academia to memoir to middle grade fantasy.

Jackie De Leo, Chief Merchandising Officer, said “Readers of every genre will have a book to dive into on our Best Books of 2022 list. There is an extraordinary amount of talent here, ranging from standout debut authors to Pulitzer Prize winners, all of whom have made a lasting impression on our booksellers.”

While the list has a few books in common with the Barnes & Noble’s Best Books of 2022 (So Far) list that was released in the middle of this year, there are quite a few new additions.

Here are Barnes & Noble’s Best Books of 2022:

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