Beauty director Bridget March write letter to her younger self

If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be? To steer clear of toxic relationships? To practise more self care, particularly on your skin and your mental health? In partnership with Sisley Paris (which knows a thing or two about empowering oneself at any age), our digital beauty director Bridget March has reflected on what advice she’d give; one key piece being that investing in skincare isn’t frivolous – it’s an investment in the appearance of your future self.

Sisley’s founders, Hubert and Isabelle d’Ornano, take their time when experimenting, researching and perfecting their products, such as the pioneering use of the anti-ageing line Sisleÿa L’interal. And this refusal to compromise on quality is still seen today in Sisley’s Black Rose, a range that champions the healing and restorative powers of the natural world through the likes of omega-6 rich plum oil, moisturising phytosqualane and, of course, softening black rose extract.

Dear my younger self,

I’m so excited for you to experience what lies ahead! You’ll do things you never dreamed of and will have much to be grateful for. That’s not to say it’ll all be plain sailing, but don’t panic – if I’ve learnt anything it’s to try and trust the process. Things really do have a way of working out.

Now, I want you to take a moment to stop worrying about how you look and what you have – and how those things compare to others around you. Using external criteria to appraise your self-worth is fruitless, as these external measurements will constantly change. So too will the trends around what’s considered “ideal”. One day you’ll learn to see your virtues and your flaws and try to accept them all – to love yourself as you are.

bridget march harper's bazaar uk

Bridget March

Remember, kindness is your most precious attribute. You know how Mr Montagu always says to “treat others as you would like to be treated”? This will stick with you. In fact, it’s what you’ll recite to your own children one day. Yes – you will have babies. Plural! But you’ve got a whole lot of growing to do yourself first.

A lot of it is about learning to let go. Let go of the judgements, let go of the indecisions, let go of the anxieties holding you back and focus on moving forwards. One day you’ll discover mindfulness, which will help put it all into perspective. If you want to start now, try yoga. It’ll be good for your mind and body, and – as you’ll soon appreciate – it’s important to look after both in equal measure.

bridget march harper's bazaar uk

Bridget March

I won’t tell you to stop spending your pocket money on beauty products like Mum does, because as well as bringing you joy, they will also inform your future career. But I agree with her that you should stop plucking your eyebrows. In fact, bin the tweezers now. Before long, you’ll be sketching your brows back on to try and make them look thick again. I know! Oh, and wear SPF (you’ll love this UVA-UVB shield with anti-ageing properties). On your face. Every day – even in winter. It’s the single best thing you can do for your skin, as well as drinking more water. But you know about the water, right?

Listening to what your skin needs based on your changing lifestyle is integral

It’ll actually be your job to tell others this, too. As you might have guessed, you will land your dream gig in beauty, a project of your passions and your studies (yes, uni is worth it). You’ll be a beauty director, eventually – like the people who write about make-up, hair and skincare for Bliss and More! magazines, and Mum’s weekend newspaper supplements. You’ll be a regular at London Fashion Week (if in doubt, wear black) and will get to interview all kinds of incredible people, from scientists to celebrities (your first will be a Spice Girl, don’t forget to breathe).

On the topic of LFW, if you think that the moisturiser you have now is nice, wait until you discover the Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask – the self-care staple fashion-week models swear by. Oh my. Before you know it, you’ll be obsessed with the brand’s entire Black Rose range, which fuses the best plant-based extracts of nature with cutting-edge science. The Skin Infusion Cream will become your hero, and the divine Precious Face Oil your nightly treat.

bridget march harper's bazaar uk

Bridget March

You see, as well as giving you glowing skin, you’ll love the sensorial experience of using skincare – the divine fragrance, the luxurious texture, the supple touch. Relaxing rituals such as this will become more precious as you get older, and listening to what your skin needs based on your changing lifestyle is integral. For example, the Eye Contour Fluid will be your beauty lifeline when becoming a mum, as the cooling tip soothes tired eyes while the high-performance formula instantly illuminates. Yep, prepare to be that stereotype vowing to never take sleep for granted again.

Being a working mother won’t be easy but it’ll be so rewarding. My top tip would be to learn how to juggle now. Actually, don’t. Enjoy the slower pace while you can. Just remember that in future, however busy you get, it’s vital to find time for the little things in life that make you happy, like singing, dancing and cuddling. They’re just as important as squeezing in the glamorous getaways, overdue dinner dates and social-media scrolling (I’ll let you discover that last one as it happens – you wouldn’t believe me if I explained it).

Another thing that seems unfathomable will happen in 2020. It’ll change things forever, for all of us. But while at the time it will seem like your life is on hold, it will be the catalyst for the start of an exciting new chapter for you. I told you – things work out.

Stay grateful,

Your older self x

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