Best Day Ever with Philadelphia Style Magazine’s Antonia DePace

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Antonia DePace knows style.

State of play: DePace, a Philly native, is the editor in chief of Philadelphia Style and Boston Common magazines, which dish about the latest fashion, travel, beauty and interior design trends.

Axios spoke to DePace earlier this summer about what would make her perfect day in the Philadelphia metro. Read on for her picks:

Breakfast: I’ve never been huge on breakfast, but when I’m looking for something quick and yummy, I love stopping at The Pie Lady in Moorestown, New Jersey.

  • A few of my favorites? The broccoli and sausage quiche, cappuccino and all of their scones (both savory and sweet).

After breakfast: The Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey. I’ve been going since I was a kid, and it’s just so gorgeous. Of course, I’d bring a sketchbook and other art supplies to sketch and relax.

  • For alternate weather plans, I can never complain about a day of pampering. If available, I’d book a customized facial at Victoria Roggio Beauty.

Lunch: Trattoria Carina, hands down. I love the happy little Delancey boîte for its sunny atmosphere and uplifting decor — but of course, the food takes the cake.

  • On weekends, the chefs cook up the most magnificent brunch, like roast pork sandwiches, bucatini carbonara and the ever-pleasing gemelli alla pesto genovese (basil, parmesan, lemon and pine nuts).

After lunch: Shop! Shop! Shop! No, but really. Why not bring something special home?

  • I love stopping at Kin Boutique. They expanded this year, and I honestly can never leave without something.

Early evening: There’s really only two options here: Royal Izakaya (omakase or izakaya seating) or Terakawa Ramen. Both pending the weather, hunger and how long I want to wait.

Late night: I’m a bit of a homebody these days as I like to start my day off early. You’ll often find me at home during the later hours of the evening, watching a movie and cuddled up with our three cats.

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