Best Single-Serve Dessert Recipes from TikTok

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Picture this: You live alone, it’s late at night, you’re recovering from an exhausting day of work, and you get hit with a craving for something sweet. If only you could turn your day around with one single, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie.

Thanks to TikTok’s latest food trend, you can. When life gets too hard to toil over a whole batch of cookies, opt for the single serve. It’s the most convenient and waste-free approach if you’re baking for one—or simply don’t like to share—and you’ll achieve that fresh-out-of-the-oven taste every single time. Plus, it’s a widely held belief that everything’s better when it’s mini.

Is this the mug cake trend of 2019, reincarnated? Not quite. Mug cakes, which get zapped in the microwave and often rely on premade mixes, are lazy and bad. The single-serve recipes we’re now seeing on TikTok are lazy and good, bringing a gourmet appeal to Le Creuset cocottes and tiny cast iron pans everywhere.

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