Biden Designates Qatar as a Major Non-NATO Ally

The looming conflict between Russia and Ukraine is the immediate concern for Mr. Biden, who is seeking to maintain unity with America’s European allies behind threats of sanctions on Russia if President Vladimir V. Putin decides to invade.

Concerns about the possibility that Russia might restrict the flow of natural gas to Europe could undermine that unity, and White House officials have said they are working with other nations around the world to provide reassurances to European leaders if that should come to pass.

In the case of Qatar, Mr. Biden is also hoping to deepen economic and security ties. In his remarks on Monday, the president applauded an announcement by the chief executive of Qatar Airways of a $34 billion deal to purchase planes from Boeing. Mr. Biden said the deal would support tens of thousands of jobs in the United States.

Under terms of the deal announced Monday, Qatar Airways will purchase a new super cargo plane from Boeing, the 777-8 freighter. Stan Deal, the C.E.O. of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, said in an announcement at the White House that “Qatar Airways’ selection of the efficient 777-8 freighter is a testament to our commitment to provide freighters with market-leading capacity, reliability and efficiency.”

Akbar Al Baker, chief executive of the Qatar Airways Group, called it the launch of “the most significant new freighter aircraft for a generation.”

White House officials called the deal between the two companies one of the largest in Boeing’s history and said it would benefit Americans by supporting tens of thousands of jobs at Boeing and its affiliated companies.

Brian Deese, the director of Mr. Biden’s National Economic Council, said in a tweet that the deal could be one of the largest exports of the year from the United States, and boasted about the ways that the deal could help the American economy.

“In short, this deal boosts America’s civil aviation industry, promoting greater domestic production capacity, a healthy hybrid commercial-defense industrial base and strong supply chains, while uplifting the hundreds of small businesses that feed into Boeing’s supply chains,” he wrote.






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