Bill would prepare Oregon to receive $200M for broadband expansion

An American flag and the flag of Oregon on a legislator's desk in the Senate Chamber at the Oregon State Capitol.

Over the nearly two years since the pandemic began, a lack of broadband internet access has hampered many Oregonians from participating fully in a more virtual world.

Lack of high-speed access has meant challenges working remotely, helping children keep up with virtual classes and even connecting with friends and family.

Oregon officials for years have promised to work towards improvement. Proponents say their latest legislative proposal on this issue will allow the state to take advantage of millions in federal funds for the construction of a comprehensive broadband network.

House Bill 4092 is a bipartisan, bicameral bill with broad support from interest groups, including the Oregon Telecommunications Association, Oregon Health and Science University, Oregon Rural Health Association, Oregon Library Association and League of Oregon Cities.

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