Boursin Cooking Cream brings luscious flavor to many recipes

Both sweet and savory recipes have benefited from Boursin Garlic and Fine Herbs Cheese. From a simple spread on a cracker to elevated savory desserts, many people have some of that delicious cheese readily available in the fridge. With the new Boursin Cooking Cream, a variety of recipes can get a flavorful boost with a simple pour.

More and more home cooks are looking for ways push their cooking forward. Although the celebrity chefs make the process seem effortless, a few tips and tricks can make the final dish better. Even with the best pans and a stellar recipe, the right ingredients are most important.

With the new Boursin Cooking Cream, the simple ingredient easily adds a robust flavor without lots of work. From hearty soups to a variety of sauces, the uses are many.

As Jamee Pearlstein, Brand Director of Boursin said “Through consumer feedback, shared recipes and social posts, we’ve seen the many ways our fans love to incorporate Boursin’s unique taste and texture in their dishes, and we’re thrilled to introduce these two new offerings to make it easier than ever for them to add Boursin to their favorite recipes.”

Looking at the various Boursin recommended recipes, the creaminess, richness that the ingredient adds is clear. While soup might be an initial thought, sauces are equally as intriguing. And, even consider swapping the Boursin Cooking Cream in a variety of recipes. For example, just think about how mashed potatoes would be even more flavorful.

In addition to the Boursin Cooking Cream, the brand is adding Boursin Bites Garlic and Fine Herbs to its line. The smaller pieces make it easy to incorporate into salad, pasta and other dishes.

And, for anyone who likes pretty appetizers, these bite-size pieces make quick work of stacks or skewers. Balancing the flavorful cheese with some fruit or vegetables would make a lovely addition to a crudite platter or board.

The Boursin Cooking Cream as well as the Boursin Garlic and Fine Herbs will be available in various stores nationwide. Prices may vary. For culinary inspiration, Boursin offers a variety of recipes and culinary creators often tag their ideas with #BoursinCheese.






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