California billboards use Uvalde shooting to warn people about moving to Texas

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Talk about a desperate move from California residents, they are now using the Uvalde shooting as propaganda to warn people not avoid moving to Texas. Why is this happening? Well, many of the most powerful companies and celebrities have decided to move to the Southern state amid the strict tax laws and growing insecurity in the state of California. There have been a handful of mass shootings in that state, which is considered a ‘gun sanctuary’ by Republicans.

But the tragedies in both Uvalde and El Paso are easily the most concerning from the lot, they prove that gun laws need to be far stricter then they are in Texas. California also has a lot of issues, mainly with taxes and the overpopulation of homeless people. With this in mind, several companies such as Tesla and famous entertainment industry people have decided to move to Texas in order to live under less strict laws.

Amid this exodus, a mysterious Californian decided to go straight to Texas’ yugular. They decided to strategically place many billboards across the state that warn people not to move to Texas. They decided to use a tasteless catch phrase that reads: “Don’t mess with Texas. The Texas Miracle died in Uvalde. Don’t move to Texas.”

A low blow from California to Texas that only contributes in the never-ending bickering between both states. Even if you are a Democrat, it’s not hard to see that this billboard is definitely not necessary as it touches on a wound that is still fresh for many Texans. Many will immediately wonder why theses billboards used that exact wording, let us explain.

What is The Texas Miracle?

The famous Texas Miracle is a phrase coined by former Texas Gov. Rick Perry back in 2011 after he claimed that the state’s economy survived the country’s Great Recession. The other catchphrase is ‘Dont Mess with Texas’, which alludes to the Texas Department of Transportation’s phrase used in an anti-littering campaign.

However, this phrase has become a popular phrase amongst Texans who are proud to live there. It is still unknown who put these billboards all across the state but they have no political afiliation, that we know of.

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