Cancer: Signs in eyes that can tell you about a malignant tumor in the body

A global challenge, biologically detrimental and mentally agonizing disease, Cancer, has several symptoms. Many common symptoms which are associated with other diseases progress towards cancer without our knowledge. By the time the cancer shows itself, it is already too late.

It is very vital to keep an eye on all visible symptoms. If the symptoms persist for a longer duration it is essential to take medical assistance immediately.

Only a moment’s supervision will save years.

Here are a few common signs of cancer which are visible in the eyes.

While blurred vision is related to a number of medical complications and people who have vision related issues actually live with it, many people tend to ignore it.

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Symptoms of malignant tumours in the lung are blurred vision, loss of vision, eye pain and floaters. A 2020 study has found that blurred vision, loss of vision, pain, floaters, visual field defects, lumps, red eyes, flashing sensation, and diplopia are some of the symptoms of the visual impairment caused by tumor metastasis which seriously affects the quality of life and shortens the survival of cancer patients.

Another research study on colon cancer found that patients with orbital metastases generally present with eye pain, proptosis, visual loss, and diplopia with symptoms usually present for approximately 2 months prior to diagnosis. Many other studies have also found photosensitivity and double vision as intial symptoms of colon cancer.

Vision issues have been linked to other common cancers as well.

Experts have said that in case of breast cancer the eye problems one may encounter are red, itchy or burning eyes, constant watering or watery eyes, pink eyes or inflammation of the white part, blurry vision, double vision, floaters or dark spots in vision, and eye pain.

Why are eyes affected?

This is due to orbital metastasis. Several types of cancer can spread or metastasize to reach the tissues around the eye (orbit).

The most common primary cancers with orbital metastases are breast, lung, and prostate. 2%–5% of patients with systemic cancer are reported to have an orbital metastasis, says a study.






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