Carrie Berk, Star of ‘The Next Influencer,’ on the Influence of Positive Content

TikTok has become the fastest-growing social media platform worldwide since 2020. Nearly 1 billion people click on the application a minimum of once a month to watch and share content from educational topics, music, makeup tutorials, comedy, and many more.

With this remarkable milestone, content creators have the power to create a material influence and this is something Carrie Berk tries to do every day.

As a TikTok star, influencer, and writer, Carrie Berk utilizes her platform with the purpose to spread positivity and compassion. In an interview, Carrie talked about her experience as a TikTok creator and many more.

Who Is Carrie Berk?

Carrie Berk is conquering the content creator world at the age of only 19. Taking inspiration from her mother, editor, journalist, and author Sheryl Berk, Carrie started writing as a child. Apparently, with her mother’s assistance, she developed and penned a series titled The Cupcake Club. 

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With storytelling in the back of her mind, Carrie became engaged with social media and started her own fashion blog. When she first joined TikTok, she had no idea if anything would come of it. Carrie says “It’s kind of just happened over quarantine. It blew up,” adding “It just kind of all fell into place.”

Carrie also embarked on the world of reality television, starring in the third season of Next Influencer, which is streaming on Paramount plus. With more than 3.4 million followers on TikTok, she is establishing herself as a creative and strong voice for Gen Z.

Carrie Berk’s Tiktok Process

Carrie Berk tried her hands with various video formats within the TikTok realm. Videos vary from reviewing products, fashion videos, fun dances, workout routines, and mini “vlogs.” When shooting her different videos, Carrie tries to spread her positivity. 

She says “I don’t really have a specific niche,” adding “Overall, it’s just about trying to just spread joy because there’s so much hate in the world right now.  I just want people to be able to watch my videos and feel happy.”

Whether it’s a makeup review or something funny going on while she is at college, Carrie Berk tries to bring smiles to peoples’ faces. 

Carrie Berk and Her Experience on Next Influencer

Next Influencer is a reality show that follows up and coming social media stars as they contend to become the next biggest TikTok star in Los Angeles, all while staying in the same house.

Carrie Berk changed the bright city lights of her New York City home for the warmth and palm trees in California. Previously, she was eager to jump headfirst into this new experience. Carrie says “When I found out I was going to be able to go to California and live in this huge mansion with a bunch of people who are passionate about the same thing I am, why wouldn’t I want to do that?” 

And we also know that every reality television show comes with drama. Carrie explains “Going into it, I was me the entire time, and then when I got into this house, there were so many different personalities. I didn’t really know how to react.”

What Carrie Berk Has Understood About Reality Television?

Of course, reality TV entertains but it’s essential to keep in mind that the people on-screen are real human beings. For Carrie Berk, experiencing reality TV is way distinct from watching it. 

She says “In reality TV, a lot of it is cut out, moved around, taken out of context,” adding “I feel like I have to be in the right headspace mentally to be ready to watch the whole thing because it is something emotional for me.”

Carrie further explains “It was a reality show; tensions are high,” adding “I made sure in situations to always lead with respect and listen to people and what they had to say but also make my opinions known because I’m a human being too.” 

Carrie Berk Advocates Against Bullying Through Her Content

Being an ambassador for the organization, No Bully, Carrie Berk has persistently stood against bullying through her platform. While Carrie went through bullying by peers in school and now online, she takes a stand against it notwithstanding what others speak.  

She says “Someone who is saying such cruel things has something else going on in their life,” adding “What I’ve learned is not to resent that person and understand that they have pain there that’s not necessarily about you. You don’t need to give the bully what they want by having this big emotional reaction.”  

On Next Influencer, Carrie stresses to always proceed with empathy, even when it’s difficult. That message clearly rolls with her fans. She says “I got a message from a kid that said they watched me on the show and that I changed their life,” adding “That in itself is worth it.”  

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Carrie Berk on the good of the content creator world: “I’ve seen a lot of people using their platform for good.”

Carrie Berk notices that Gen Z creators are bringing a positive difference in the world. She explains “It’s our job to make the world a better place because we are the future,” she declares.

Carrie notes that content creators like Amelie Zilber and Ellie Zeiler are bringing kindness with their posts. 

What’s Next for Carrie Berk?

Currently, Carrie Berk goes to college in New York where she studies journalism. In between writing a new book about her life, making TikTok content, and training for a marathon, she desires to utilize her passions by working in a magazine someday. 

“I want to continue to use my platform for good,” she says. “I hope to carry on that message to magazines because I don’t see a lot of fashion magazines out there raising awareness for bullying.”  

We cannot wait to see her conquering the world with her spirit and optimism.






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