Congress weighing how to punish Moscow for Ukraine invasion

Russia: Congress weighing how to punish Moscow for Ukraine invasion

President Joe Biden’s ban on importing Russian oil isn’t enough for lawmakers who are seeking ways to use trade, gold sales and beefed up tax and money laundering enforcement to punish Moscow further.

  • Lawmakers want to punish Moscow beyond President Joe Biden’s ban on Russian energy products.
  • Congress is considering a range of measures, such as higher tariffs on Russian goods.
  • Some measures would target Russian oligarchs by closing tax loopholes, beefing up IRS enforcement.

WASHINGTON – Tougher trade rules. Higher tariffs on Russian-made goods. Siccing the IRS on Kremlin-linked oligarchs. Digging for gold.

Lawmakers successfully pressured President Joe Biden into announcing a ban Tuesday on the U.S. import of all Russian energy, including oil, as further punishment against President Vladimir Putin for Moscow’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

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