Coronavirus: The COVID symptom that affects men and women differently, as per study

According to the UK’s ZOE COVID study app, fatigue is one of the common signs of COVID-19, listed in the Omicron wave too. Experts have been studying the same to find out how tiredness has affected both men and women and what they found is extremely interesting.

As per a Web MD poll, which was recorded from December 23 2021 to January 4 2022, men and women can be affected by fatigue very differently. According to the poll, it wasn’t the symptoms itself that impacted the way people felt, but how they were struggling to move past the pandemic.

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34% of men answered they were tired due to the pandemic, whereas 40% of women agreed to the same.

People described fatigue as “being angry, exhausted, frustrated or just plain fed up with disruptions to your life or those of your family and friends”.

This meant that people were more exhausted with the pandemic and the restrictions that were laid down rather than the symptoms of the virus itself.

It was found that younger people had a more challenging time dealing with the same.

“Among those younger than 45, almost half (46%) said they felt Covid fatigue daily, compared with 31% of their 45-and-older colleagues. 27% in the younger group said they had the fatigue a few times a week, as opposed to 18% in the older group. Four times as many in the older group (21%, vs. 5%) said they rarely had the symptoms,” the poll said.






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