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Today the crypto ecosystem is going through intense activity. There are more and more options for use, management and investment that are frequently heard around the world, therefore, according to the global study “Cryptousers 2021” by Binance Research, it is highlighted that in 2021 and 2022 trust in cryptocurrencies will increase. has increased by 97%, according to Binance press release.

Experts say that this is due to three main reasons: firstly, that users see it as an investment strategy, secondly, they express distrust in the current financial system and thirdly, they represent short-term trading opportunities, which is why, according to the study, the exchange platforms for these cryptoactives become the “most popular” place for users to store digital currencies.

The spokesperson for Binance, Maximiliano Hinz, highlights the fact that there are more and more options to access these digital currencies, and the trust that this adoption is generating among users and institutional entities.

“We are seeing a very accelerated adoption phase in the cryptocurrency industry, in addition to a great institutional interest, there are more and more options to access them for the end user with the use of own funds to buy crypto. This reflects users’ belief in the freedom of money and increased confidence in cryptocurrencies.”

According to the platform, which has a presence in more than 40 countries, even though the adoption of digital currencies is increasingly normal, attractive and accessible, there are some myths and realities about the reliability and operation of these crypto assets.

That is why Binance shares the main myths and realities that encompass cryptocurrencies to provide greater knowledge about them.



  • Currently, there are more than 20 countries that have regulation of digital currencies and another 30 are testing or progressing to regulate them. However, cryptocurrencies have not been classified as illegal in any region of the world, and their use has been going on for more than 11 years.

  • Any type of investment (purchase and sale of shares, real estate, forex markets, cryptocurrencies, etc.), involves a risk that is inversely proportional to the possible gains: the greater the risk, the greater the possibility of winning, but the risk of loss is also higher.

The platform offers its users a stable profit margin, saving in a digital dollar like BUSD, or in the so-called “Altcoins”, with the latter, the profit percentages can be high, but it will always depend on the risk exposure limits and their stability.

It is essential that the user remember his password to have access to his investment. Binance recommends keeping unique passwords and accounts private for “mitigate risks associated with the loss of cryptocurrencies.

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