Deborah Pagani Is Hiring An Entry-Level Graphic Designer Resident In New York, NY


NOTE: The Graphic Designer Resident position is an entry-level position located in New York City. This position is a part-time residency and we are currently accepting applications with an immediate 2022 start date.

We are Designers,
creative-industry rogues, Instagram-story lovers, community managers, and imagery fanatics. We are not just on the Internet; we are creating the stuff the Internet wants to see. Whether that’s a viral TikTok video or the latest Twitter meme, we’re passionate storytellers for our brands and the people we do it with. We move so fast and make so much good content. So, we need more folks just like us, who can come up with compelling content ideas and create them! We’re looking for the unconventional, less obvious, unseasoned (or over-seasoned) creative pros, but above all – passion in all things beauty, fashion, jewelry, glamour, and well-being.

Want in? We love dedicated video and design creators, subversive artists and illustrators, obsessive meme makers, and we don’t care if you’re fresh to the workforce or working on your third act.






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