Do you eat well-balanced meals?

OHIO COUNTY W.Va. (WTRF)- Being a student is busy enough. Getting in all your food groups is probably the last thing on your mind.

A well-balanced meal is critical in a child’s diet.

That’s why in school they prepare hundreds of meals thoughtfully to ensure no one leaves lunch hungry.

Schools across the state are celebrating National Nutrition Month. 

Rennee Griffin is Ohio County School’s Director of Child Nutrition and Wellness. 

She says they encourage healthy eating and have posters that break down the five compounds that make up a nutritious meal.  

Students, school aged children that eat meals at school are really healthier all the way around and have healthier diets.

They are eating more whole grains they’re consuming more milk.

They’re eating less sugar and less saturated fat and in addition to that more fruits and vegetables and all of those things are really how we want to shape the diets the youth today.

Renee Griffin, Director of Child Nutrition/Wellness, Ohio County Schools 

She says they pride themself in having a large variety of healthy options like low saturated fat, low sodium, and fat-free dairy products.  

Senior Kaden Cunningham says whether you grab a bagged lunch or a warm meal, they make sure you get all the food groups you need.  

I’ve taken advantage of the school lunch program all four years at Park and I get second chance Breakfast every day, and it’s a great chance for all kids to eat at different points of the day. 

Kaden Cunningham, WPHS Senior

They even offer a salad bar. Cunningham says they always have something for everyone. 

Not only do we get the samples some other cultures and see foods that were not used to in our home environments we also get to have a lot of options for people that are vegetarian and vegan that can take some of our salads and bowls and wraps that we have as well. We actually offer after school supper as well. So even after school you’re able to get fed before you go to a club or an activity and practice. 

Kaden Cunningham, WPHS Senior

From these balanced meals, students get the energy they need to get through the rest of the day, the meals at Wheeling Park, check off every box. 






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