Edge Americas Online Announces Launch of NIO Cocktails USA

Co-founded by World Cup champion Alessandro Del Piero and industry veteran Jeffrey Whalen, EDGE Americas Online is a Los Angeles-based distribution company focused on consumer products retailing. NIO Cocktails is a Milan, Italy-based leading purveyor of premium quality, boxed, and ready-to-share full line of truly innovative cocktails. NIO Cocktails bears the guaranteed signature of Patrick Pistolesi, an Italian master mixologist ranked nineteenth among the World’s 50 Best Mixologists and brand ambassador of the most prestigious brands in the spirits industry. 

“We are very pleased to have signed a licensing agreement with NIO Cocktails, undoubtedly #1 in the world of innovative, premium, ready-to-enjoy cocktails,” said Jeffrey Whalen, Co-Founder of Edge Americas Online. Whalen brings extensive high-level experience in the consumer products segment, having previously served in executive roles in consumer products licensing worldwide. “It is my belief that NIO Cocktails will spread a new cocktail culture with a combination of Made in Italy craftsmanship, expert mixology, and novelty.” 

NIO Cocktails (Needs Ice Only) was founded on the simplicity of tasting and enjoying your favorite cocktail wherever you want, with the highest quality recipes and ingredients. It’s as simple as shake, open, and pour! “We are equally pleased to have signed this licensing agreement with Edge Americas Online, Alessandro, and Jeffrey to kick off our journey in the United States,” said Alessandro Palmarin, Co-Founder of NIO Cocktails. “NIO Cocktails is expanding rapidly across continents with a core collection of more than 15 premium cocktails perfect for any occasion like company celebrations, dinner parties, weddings, and so much more. We are very focused as well on our approach to sustainability, each NIO Cocktails box is entirely recyclable, and we are a Carbon Neutral Company.” 

NIO Cocktails will be available for shipment in California only and can be purchased at retail at 257 W 7th St – San Pedro, CA, in the heart of Los Angeles’ Little Italy district, and online at niococktails.us.

About EDGE Americas Sports

EDGE Americas Sports is a sports and marketing/distribution agency. The agency was created with a singular aim to deliver the most inspired consumer experience in the market – products and services that add to the celebration and emotion of that one moment. EDGE Americas Sports currently licenses NIO Cocktails, operates the Juventus Academy Los Angeles, owns the football Club LA10 FC, with investments in the acclaimed Los Angeles Italian restaurant N10 and multiple consumer brands. The agency has offices in Los Angeles and Torino, Italy. Learn more at www.edgeamericassports.com.

EDGE Americas Sports on the web at: www.edgeamericassports.com

About NIO Cocktails

NIO Cocktails is the brainchild of Luca Quagliano and Alessandro Palmarin, with the aim to change attitudes around cocktail consumption among the general public. The brand aims to become a leading innovator in the world of mixology, bringing its premium ready-to-drink cocktails to every place and occasion. The concept behind NIO is simple: just shake, tear, pour. NIO, which stands for Needs Ice Only, is based on the dream to be able to enjoy your favorite cocktails wherever you want, all while maintaining the highest quality in both the recipes and their ingredients. All NIO Cocktails boast the seal of approval of Patrick Pistolesi, Italian master mixologist and brand ambassador to some of the world’s most prestigious spirits brands, who is now considered to be among the top 50 bartenders in the world by World’s 50 Best Bars. Pistolesi’s artistry is reinforced by NIO’s collaboration with some of the best producers and spirits labels in the world. Better yet, sustainability is at the core of the brand: the iconic design packaging is entirely recyclable, thanks to FSC- certified paper sleeves and the 45% bioplastic pouches. In addition, NIO Cocktails is a Carbon Neutral Company. Online at: www.niococktails.us 

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