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LOS ANGELES, Aug. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — For LibraryBub CEO Alinka Rutkowska, persistence, habits and mindset are three characteristics instrumental to successful entrepreneurship. In his book, Everyone Is an Entrepreneur, author Gregory V. Diehl considers the general absence of the necessary mindset in the post-Soviet economy of Armenia. He describes that mindset as “a revolutionary way of seeing the world that applies equally to people in all cultural and economic circumstances.” In the U.S.A. Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller Business Success Secrets, each author in the anthology has come together for a singular purpose of presenting the undiluted truth of what it takes to make a business dream a reality. The book is business insight straight from the source.

LibraryBub, an industry first, was established in 2015. Dedicated to making strong, mutual connections between indie and small-press authors and an extensive network of libraries, it works in conjunction with all major libraries. The core commitment of the LibraryBub service is to help librarians to identify acclaimed books from the independent publishing sector. LibraryBub introduces thousands of librarians to bestselling and award-winning books from the independent publishing sector. These books hold immense potential for enhancing the lives of their readers. Ray Bradbury attributes his education to libraries. “I didn’t go to college, but when I graduated from high school I went down to the local library and I spent ten years there, two or three days a week, and I got a better education than most people get from universities. So I graduated from the library when I was 28.” Librarians enable writers to make that kind of difference to people’s lives, and LibraryBub CEO Alinka Rutkowska considers it a privilege to support them in that role.

Below is this month’s selection by category.


Literature & Fiction

Binge by Anne Pfeffer ISBN: 978-0578346298

Mystery & Thriller

Blood on Their Hands by Bob Brink ISBN: 978-0578261805

A Handful of Worldliness (Book Three of the Edwina Goodman Mystery series) by Elissa D. Grodin ISBN: 978-1946063762

Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Penitent — Part I (Book One of the Immortality Wars series) by A. Keith Carreiro  ISBN: 978-1950339280

Young Adult

Hart Street and Main by Tabitha Sprunger ISBN: 978-1637529119


Biographies & Memoirs

Are You Okay?: the carryover of kindness by A.S. Drayton ISBN: 978-1667811765

John Guillermin: the man, the myth, the movies edited by Mary Guillermin ISBN: 978-1735292151

Keeping Up with God by Donnetta Wilhelm with Connie Zimmerman ISBN: 978-1732445741

Neurology Rounds with the Maverick: adventures with patients from the golden age of medicine by Bernard M. Patten ISBN: 978-1945884627


The Alchemy of Information Protection: a cybersecurity druid’s spell book by Rich Owen ISBN: 978-1667851136

Brand Identity Breakthrough: how to craft your company’s unique story to make your products irresistible by Gregory V. Diehl  ISBN: 978-0692651872

Business Success Secrets: entrepreneurial thinking that works by Tamara L. Nall et al. ISBN: 978-1637350522

Done Deal!: the step-by-step handbook to sales success by Jeffrey Brandeis ISBN: 979-8683699543

Equanimity: the diary of a CEO in crisis by Simon Leslie ISBN: 978-1916105133

Everyone Is an Entrepreneur: selling economic self-determination in a post-Soviet world

 by Gregory V. Diehl  ISBN: 978-1945884597

Leading Positive Organizational Change: Energize – Redesign – Gel by Bart Tkaczyk  ISBN: 978-0367608767

U.S. Taxes for Worldly Americans: the traveling expat’s guide to living, working, and staying tax compliant abroad by Olivier Wagner  ISBN: 978-1945884061

Your GPS to Employment Success by Beverly A. Williams ISBN: 978-1953349965

Health & Fitness

Do I Need a Therapist?: a consumer’s guide to navigating mental health services by Jenny Simon ISBN: 978-1690012962

Making Mental Might: how to look ten times smarter than you are by Bernard Michael Patten  ISBN: 978-1945884184

Health, Family & Lifestyle

The Other Baby Book: a natural approach to baby’s first year by Megan McGrory Massaro and Miriam J. Katz ISBN: 978-1475185423

Politics & Social Sciences

Get Bail, Leave Jail: America’s guide to hiring a bondsman, navigating bail bonds, and getting out of custody before trial by S.J. Plotkin ISBN: 978-1945884160


Rainbows over Ruins by Susan Sherayko ISBN: 978-1452592619

The Ten Principles of Visibility by Pam Hamilton ISBN: 979-8830985819

“LibraryBub made my book visible to nearly 3,500 libraries,” Dr. Meg Van Deusen enthuses, “and their newsletter, mentioning my book Stressed in the U.S. was picked up by major television networks.” Given that experience, she highly recommends this service to any self-published author.

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