Ethos Asset Management Inc. USA Announces Deal in Brazil with PAFIL Construtora e Empreendimentos, Through Its Holding Company (LIFAP Holding and Participações), One of the Largest Construction Companies in Brazil

Partnership Provides Long Term Financing to Pafil projects, encouraging and speeding up the implementation of an expansion plan that increases the scope of action, leading to a greater number of customers with architecturally differentiated products and with the best civil engineering practices

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, ETHOS ASSET MANAGEMENT INC USA announced a new long-term financing partnership with Pafil, a Brazilian civil engineering and construction company.

Carlos Santos, President, and CEO of Ethos stated, “We are delighted to be partnering with one of the largest companies in Brazil delivering critically important housing projects amongst other civil engineering and construction developments. We were very impressed with the vision, determination and passion of Julio Souza, CEO, Grupo Pafil, and their model of real estate development that is carried out directly by the Company and its subsidiaries. With approximately 20 years of expertise in the real estate market, PAFIL headquartered in Ribeirão Preto, state of Sao Paulo has a portfolio of more than 200 works, including commercial, industrial and residential. Its experience since the beginning in the urbanization of plots and in the eclectic performance in the market, translates a robustness and justifies its competitive advantage, intimately knowing the production process in this sector. With more than 5,000 residential units delivered punctually, its history is based on satisfaction and exceeding the expectations of its customers, where comfort, safety and innovation are key to each project. We are very pleased to continue our growth and presence in Brazil as our strongest and largest market where we have unprecedented numbers of projects to fulfil in our pipeline.”

Julio Souza, CEO, Grupo PAFIL, said,
“We thank Ethos Asset Management Inc., USA, for the trust placed in our dreams, because this is how Pafil is made: in the relentless pursuit of fulfilling the dreams of our clients, offering in the real estate market properties with high constructive standard and the guarantee for the quality of life. Our partnership will be a propellant for us to maximize the possibilities for customers to acquire their own home and for some, to migrate to properties in locations that are desired!”

Tiago Traglia, RI e Compliance, Grupo PAFIL, said,
“We thank Ethos Asset Management Inc., USA, for the investment in PAFIL, I had the pleasure and privilege to participate in this investment project, it took months of dedication, diligence, contractual analysis and negotiations to successfully complete the deal. I am extremely grateful to God for putting me in the right place, in the right Company, and for meeting the right people. We are sure that the investments will boost the economy of all the cities where we are located, in addition to providing direct and indirectly to many families the opportunity to make dreams come true, develop cities and stand firm in our social responsibility.”

Mayra Fonseca Couto, Ethos Executive Director, South America, said,
“We are very pleased to be part of Pafil Group’s expansion project through our investments. The partnership with a solid company with a national reputation reinforces our participation in a very important sector for the Brazilian economy, such as real estate. We would like to thank the whole team at Pafil Group, in particular, the CEO, Mr. Julio Souza, for all the commitment and diligence with which they conducted the project and made this partnership happen.”

About Ethos Asset Management:
Ethos Asset Management (Ethos) is an independent, US-based company with a global reach in resource mobilization and project financing.

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About Pafil:
With the purpose of being a reference in its segment of activity, some policies and practices were developed, where we cite as an example: (i) the implementation of a robust ERP in the real estate market, which interconnects all areas of the Company, from Customers, Works, Back office and Business Intelligence; (ii) the creation of Meu PAFIL Vendas, a relationship application with prospects and active customers; (iii) creation of the Governance, Compliance and Controls area; (iv) constitution and implementation of the advisory council; (V) own sales team (house – Business Space), Pafil Vendas, responsible for presenting its products and taking the company to other cities.

With an organizational culture built into its management, motivation is in its DNA and allows us to outline our goals, namely: a): Mission: Build and carry out civil construction projects with innovation and quality, transforming clients’ dreams into reality through its employees and suppliers b): Vision: To be a reference in its projects, being recognized as one of the main companies in the civil construction market, always counting on experienced and active professionals c): Values: Ethics, respect, responsibility, promotion of its employees and reliability.

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Pafil Construtora:
Tiago Traglia, RI/Compliance, Grupo PAFIL;
[email protected]

Ethos Contact:
Mayra Fonseca Couto, Executive Director, South America;
[email protected]



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