EU-loving Joe Biden needs to butt out of British politics, says CHRISTOPHER SMITHERS | Express Comment | Comment

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The UK and USA have a unique and indeed special relationship. However, does it presume to give the US prescriptive rights over the status of our sovereignty? No, it doesn’t. The US played a pivotal role in the achievement of the Good Friday (Belfast) Agreement yet this agreement does NOT identify the US as a principal party, or signatory.

The parties to the agreement are the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

The Biden administration has consistently voiced its “insistence” that nothing (as they see it) must ever undermine the spirit or letter of the agreement.

Moreover, anything that does risks damage to future bilateral UK/US trading relationships specifically regarding a post-Brexit trade deal.

This is brazen interference in UK domestic politics.

The cornerstone of the Agreement is unconditional recognition of UK sovereignty over Northern Ireland until NI voters direct otherwise.

Caveats exist within the Agreement that provide for possible “reunification” of the whole of Ireland, but this is a contingency measure for something that might or might not occur in future.

All the unwelcome bluster out of the White House is from someone whose track record in office is hardly glowing.

The Afghanistan withdrawal and going cap in hand to the Saudis spring to mind.

Mr Biden still stubbornly refuses to accept any responsibility for the dire economic impact of his actions on the US domestic economy, forces universal acceptance of totally impractical carbon neutrality targets, and shuns the oil and gas industry in favour of pursuing green energy alternatives to fossil fuels despite totally inadequate infrastructure to support it.

Some argue that the real power in the US is, however, in the hands of the White House “advisor” for domestic policy, Susan Rice.

The Good Friday Agreement thankfully brought an end to the appalling sectarian violence that ravaged Northern Ireland for decades.

Yet, let’s also remember there are two principal communities in Northern Ireland who were palpable adversaries during the Troubles.

Broadly speaking, these were Unionists and Republicans. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see which community is which in terms of where respective sympathies lie.

The NI Protocol is being obscenely abused for political purposes by the EU for obvious reasons. It’s a big stick employed to discourage other member states from EU departure. Biden and the broader Democrat caucus, for their part, are climbing on the bandwagon in solidarity.

This is nothing more than cynical geopolitical gamesmanship. When it comes to Northern Ireland for most of the community it’s about sovereignty and remaining British.

This doesn’t suit either the EU or the current US administration, or their warped agenda.

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