Excess belly fat versus bloating: How to tell the difference?

While belly fat and bloating may look the same, they feel and are very different. Some of the key differences are as follows:

– Bloating is something that may be temporary and may go down with a bowel movement. However, when it comes to belly fat, it will never go down, unless you make some drastic changes in your lifestyle.

– While bloating is localized, which means it only occurs in the stomach region, which expands when there is excess gas accumulation, belly fat is more widespread. You will notice excess fat erupting everywhere in the body including in the abdomen, thighs, hips and more.

– As compared to belly fat, with bloating, you’re more likely to feel fuller and will experience a tighter stomach. Belly fat is more spongy.

– Bloating can be painful, whereas belly fat is painless. But in the long run, excess abdominal fat may do more damage than a temporary bloating.






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