From India to Pillar Credit Union president in Marion

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Sometimes life’s path is very unexpected.

“I dreamed of being an air hostess as a young girl,” recalled Vidya lyengar. “Honestly, I didn’t think I would even be working in the USA as it was all new to me.”

lyengar grew up in Bangalore, India, which, she observed, “is now the Silicon Valley of India.”

“All my schooling was in Bangalore,” Iyengar said, “including high school and college. I received my Bachelor of Science in commerce with accounting auditing as my major. I graduated from college (Bangalore University) at a young age.”

“I did not think I would be the president/CEO of a very progressive credit union,” she added.

Today, lyengar leads Pillar Credit Union.

“I used to accompany my father to his bank in Bangalore,” she said. “The busy work the tellers did by making entries in the big ledgers seemed like an important job. This triggered the interest in finance and banking.”

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