Full Spectrum Testing Signs Trust Chain Global as Its Transactional Platform

TORONTO–()–Trust Chain Global is excited to announce Full Spectrum Testing as our new premier client. Using our platform will allow for companies like Full Spectrum Testing to transact with customers and COVID-19 medical suppliers faster and more safely.

“We’re excited to work with Trust Chain. As a supplier of medical testing products, we needed a solution that would allow for verification of supplies and secure transactions between all parties involved. Using this platform, our partners and clients are provided with the security and functionality to execute complicated international transactions in one easy-to-navigate platform.”

~ Bryan Jones, CEO of Full Spectrum Testing

Innovative digital solutions offer a unique opportunity to improve current processes and mitigate risks for large scale transactions, particularly in commodities and government supply chains. For instance, one of the industries rampant with fraud is the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) market. Ensuring that PPE products (COVID Test Kits Cranberry Gloves, 3M Masks, Cardinal, etc.) are genuine is not a simple task. It’s exceedingly difficult to trace real products from manufacturers all around the world as they move through various distributors, resellers, and brokers. As a result, many buyers and sellers question the authenticity of the product and don’t have confidence in the ability of other parties to transact securely and with the utmost transparency.

“Full Spectrum Testing required a solution that fulfilled all of their transactional requirements in one secure location. At TCG we understand the needs of the commodities market. It is incredibly important to us to give our customers the security and efficiency they need to transact on the global supply chain with confidence.”

~ Giancarlo De Lio, Managing Partner/Co-Founder of Trust Chain Global

Trust Chain Global delivers a single, frictionless experience for global transactions and payments throughout the deal lifecycle. The platform utilizes both traditional and blockchain technologies to verify and auto-execute contracts. So rather than using a combination of manual processes, fragmented technologies, and substandard communication platforms, users can manage their workflow in one place. Buyers, sellers, and intermediaries can control their documentation, use platform financial services like escrow and paymaster, and take advantage of features such as identity and product verification while staying secure and compliant.

About Full Spectrum Testing – Full Spectrum provides a broad array of Covid-19 and other testing needs to both clinical and non-clinical organizations and businesses. Spectrum collaborates with clinical practices and various CLIA-ensured labs to give our customers both clinical treatment and testing. Spectrum works with small, medium, and large firms, to deploy FDA/EUA tests. Clients include Netflix, Boys and Girls Club.

To learn more about Full Spectrum Testing, visit https://fullspectrumtesting.com/

About Trust Chain Global Trust Chain Global is a trusted, neutral 3rd party that brings all participants of the supply chain together to act with transparency, efficiency, and reliability. It is a workflow management solution and fintech platform that allows parties of the global commodities community to transact faster and safer in a transparent and compliant manner. With built-in continuous identity verification, digital escrow, and payments, as well as smart deal management, all parties transact fast and with confidence letting the commodity reach its destination faster. Founded in 2021 by serial entrepreneurs and technologists, Trust Chain Global is dedicated to bringing trust, confidence and transparency to commodities buying and selling through technology.

To learn more about Trust Chain Global, visit https://trustchain.global/






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