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Any season is the perfect season for a zesty, delicious cocktail to sip on the weekends. Giada De Laurentiis always makes up the best cocktails, and this one may be our favorite yet!

On Sept 17, De Laurentiis uploaded a photo of a mixed drink we need in bulk ASAP. She posted the vibrant photo with the caption, “This Italian Amaro Cocktail is kind of like a soda for grown-ups. Amaro is a bitter Italian liqueur that has tons of nuanced notes of flavor and also acts as a digestivo. Coupled with ginger ale and some lime– this mixed drink is a wonderful after-dinner treat!”

The beginner-friendly cocktail is the perfect mixed drink for a relaxing night in or a quick party drink everyone will adore! The two-step drink recipe only needs three ingredients total, with the core of it being an Amaro, which is a bitter Italian liqueur. You can indulge in either Cynar or St. Agrestis, but either way, just make sure the main component of your drink is a super bitter Amaro.

Along with there being very few ingredients, you really don’t need to do much to create this soda-esque drink. Here’s a hint: just grab your ice and combine.

Check out Giada’s Italian Amaro Soda recipe HERE.

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