Has modern technology made hunting too easy?

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I can still vividly recall my first deer hunt.

The year was 1995, and I was 10 years old, finally able to legally participate in Maine’s annual deer season. This was a benchmark day in my life and as near as I could figure, somewhat of a ritualistic entrance into manhood. The anticipation had built for weeks as I dreamed constantly of chasing deer with my father and readied my gear in preparation. The previous evening, everything was laid out on the dining room table and finally, during an early morning hour I’d not seen until that day, it was time to ready myself for the big day.

The gear back then was so simple. Like most my age, I received coveted hand-me-down hunting clothes. A too-big wool jacket and pants, handknit orange mittens with a thumb and trigger finger as well as a gas station orange beanie and vest to satisfy the state’s fluorescent orange requirement. A pair of old state-issued size 10 Danner boots slid onto my size eight feet to complete the ensemble.

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