Have Leftover Rice? Make Paneer Fried Rice With It For Quick Meal (Watch Recipe Video)

By now, we all have got into the habit of re-using leftover food – thanks to the 2020 lockdown. The months-long lockdown in the year 2020 has taught us how to use our given resources to the fullest. One such resource surely is the excess food we have in store. Leftover food is a very common affair in every household. Be it a bowl of rice or a roti or two – there’s always some unconsumed food left after each meal. What do you do with the leftover food? The most common reply will be making something new with it. That’s right! Today, instead of throwing away the excess food, we prefer making some new dish with it. Take leftover rice for instance. We have tried making paratha, pulao and even kheer with a bowl of leftover rice. But what remains the most popular in the lot is fried rice.

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Left over rice, stirred with veggies, protein and masala – fried rice is quick and easy to make and helps put together a wholesome meal in just no time. The best part is, you can go as creative as you want with fried rice recipe. From veg fried rice to chicken garlic fried rice – options are many, leaving us spoilt for choices. Another such delicious option is paneer fried rice. Here fried paneer cubes are tossed with veggies, salt, pepper and rice to prepare this yummy delicacy in less than 30 minutes. Don’t believe us? Try out this recipe and know for yourself.

Paneer Fried Rice Recipe For Quick Meal: How To Make Paneer Fried Rice:

To begin with, fry the paneer cubes and keep aside. Then add ginger-garlic paste in a kadhai, throw in the paneer cubes and fry. Then add onion, capsicum, carrot and beans and sauté for a few minutes. Then add salt, black pepper, red chilli powder, soy sauce and mix.

To it, add the rice, cook for five minutes, and serve hot. You can also garnish it with freshly chopped coriander leaves.

Watch the step-by-step recipe video in the header section.

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The recipe looks simple and oh-so-delicious; isn’t it? Try out this recipe and put together a yummy weekday lunch in just no time.

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