Health effects due to Noida twin towers demolition; here’s how to be safe

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D-Day has approached! Supertech’s 915-apartment Apex (32 stories) and Ceyane (29 stories) twin towers in Noida will be demolished today, August 28, at 2:30pm, as per the Supreme Court’s decision. Noida’s authorities are ramping up safety measures and hospitals are currently on high alert.

“We at Jaypee Hospital sector 128 Noida are completely ready for tomorrow’s demolition. We have dedicated eight emergency department beds and 12 ICU beds for tomorrow. Also, one ACLS ambulance equipped with all the necessary medications and equipment will be on standby for any mishap,” said a statement issued by the Jaypee Hospitals, one of the places nearest to the demolition space.

Doctors and health experts have warned against a five-fold increase in air pollution, which could lead to several health issues.

Why is the twin towers demolition concerning?

The twin towers’ demolition has caused health concerns amongst people residing in the neighbourhood areas. It is likely to cause several weeks of health issues such as headache, asthma, attacks, colds, phlegm and allergies.

Earlier in January 2020, following the demolition of four towers Holy Faith H20, Alpha Sirene, Jain Coral Cove and Golden Kayaloram in Kochi and Maradu in Kerala, many people experienced health problems that lasted for weeks after the incident. Reportedly, 75,000 tonnes of debris was collected from and removed due to the fall of all four towers and the air pollution in the atmosphere is said to have increased up to five times.

After today’s demotion of the twin towers, 2.5 lakh tonnes of debris is estimated to be removed from the area. The dust plume is expected to rise to a height of about 150 meters. Emerald Court Society and ATS Village Society will be the two areas that will reportedly be the most affected.

What experts have to say?

Many experts have come to the fore and not only discussed the health impact the demotion will have on the people, but also have talked about how the air pollution caused will be determined by the direction of the wind.

“How long the effect will remain it’s difficult to say, but it all depends on environmental conditions as well,” Dr Rakesh Kumar Gupta, Director of Government Institute of Medical Sciences (GIMS) in Greater Noida said, as per reports.

According to Dr Mrinal Sircar, Head Pulmonology and Critical Care, Fortis Noida, “When you demolish a big structure like that there will be dust and there will be some smoke because you are using explosives. So, the direction of the air matters. The direction of the wind should also be taken into consideration. Demolishing like this or rather an explosion happening in the open air is much safer than, say, underground mines,” as per another report.

“The dust and gases will get diluted in the air and will get dispersed. The experts who are involved in such big demolitions will take care of all these things,” he adds.

Health issues that can arise from the demolition

The pollution that will most probably arise from the demolition is likely to cause serious health problems including:

– Headache

– Eyes, nose and skin irritations

– Respiratory issues such as sore throat, cough, nasal congestions and runny nose

– Some may also experience shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, SPO2 reductions of less than 92 percent andchest pain, in light of which you must seek medical help.

– Body aches and fever may also be common

– Nausea and stomach pain

Preventive measures to take NOW!

For now, it is best for everyone to stay indoors and shut their windows. Refrain from stepping outside until extremely necessary. Wear a mask when you visit outdoors and protect your eyes with sunglasses or goggles.

In case of skin or eye irritation, consult your doctor. If you’re someone who has pre-existing health conditions, such as high BP, diabetes, asthma, heart diseases, watch out for symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, etc. In addition, make sure you take all your medications on time. Keep in touch with your doctors and again stay indoors.

Furthermore, maintain good hand hygiene – wash your hands frequently and make sure you vacuum your house frequently as dust can accumulate on your furniture, floor, upholstery, curtains, etc.. Use the AC to avoid dispersing of the dust, clean the filter before and after the demolition. Make sure to keep yourself well-hydrated.

According to the statement issued by Jaypee Hospitals, “The administration of the hospital along with all other support staff will be available from 9 am to 6 pm to take over the responsibility. Apart from that adequate quantity of blood products have been kept in stock in our blood bank so that it can be used if required.”

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