‘Heavy-handed’ or a matter of safety?

Miami Beach spring break curfew: ‘Heavy-handed’ or a matter of safety?

The city manager calls Miami Beach an “island with limited capacity” that’s not built to host large crowds. That doesn’t stop the thousands who flock annually to the famed South Florida destination.

  • Spring break annually draws thousands of college students and tourists to Miami Beach, a community of nearly 90,000.
  • The city’s curfew is from midnight to 6 a.m., starting Thursday and lasting through Monday.
  • “Officers are EXHAUSTED. The party needs to end,” the city’s Fraternal Order of Police said on Twitter.

The city of Miami Beach is pushing back against the annual influx of spring break tourists, this time with a midnight curfew and a state of emergency.

But some residents of the famed South Florida party destination are wondering if such action is necessary – even after a pair of shootings left five people injured in two days last week. Or if it will make a difference.

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