High Cholesterol: Experts warn against consumption of these 4 food items

If your diet is proper, you don’t have to worry about the risk of chronic ailments. However, sometimes being unable to resist the palatability of a few food items and also sometimes without being completely aware of the constituencies of the food we end up making glaring mistakes; putting ourselves at the risk of developing health complications.

One such health complication which is directly linked to poor diet is high cholesterol.

Increased cholesterol levels increase the risks of heart disease and stroke. “Globally, a third of ischaemic heart disease is attributable to high cholesterol,” says the World Health Organisation (WHO) and adds that raised total cholesterol is a major cause of disease burden in both the developed and developing world as a risk factor for ischemic heart disease and stroke. In 2008, the global prevalence of raised total cholesterol among adults was 39% (37% for males and 40% for females).

In order to cut down the risk of developing heart related complications due to high cholesterol one needs to stop consuming red meat, fried food, processed meat and baked goods, as per Harvard Medical School.






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