How To Do Your Makeup Like Grace Jones

Grace Jones’ face has been printed on the front of tons of magazines over the course of her decades-long career. Her eye-catching looks never fail to make for the perfect shot. Jones’ beauty collaborator, Terry Barber, emphasizes the importance of imperfection when it comes to beauty. Jones’ glam looks often feature boldly smudged eyeliner, making it the perfect statement look to experiment with if you don’t quite have the steady hand of a celebrity makeup artist (via L’Officiel USA).

In a video with Vogue, makeup artist to the stars Charlotte Tilbury recreates Jones’ signature look on the face of a model. The basis of the look is some foundation, which can be any of your own choosing, and a generous amount of smudged black eyeliner that travels past the corner of the eyes towards the hairline. She then smudges a bit of black pencil liner along the lash line to create more structure. To add even more dimension and more structure, the artist uses a shimmering neutral above the liner. As she applies the shadow, you can see the eyes begin to pop. Once Tilbury finishes with the eyes, it’s time to contour.






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