How to look younger: How to discover and dress your body type

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Rectangular (straight body type)

A rectangle will wear the same size top and bottom, but won’t have much waist curve “so will need to work on creating some”.

Melissa stated: “If you have fine bones and beautiful legs, you can wear styles which hang straight from the shoulder; otherwise, cinch in your clothes to create a lovely waist.”

Women who fall under this category will rock a shirt dress, wrap dress, fitted jackets with cut-away hems to create more waist emphasis, according to the expert.

However, unfitted clothes should be avoided, and for the very slim among us, “anything too voluminous is best avoided”. 

Apple variation

Apple-shaped women tend to have wide shoulders and narrow hips but, “unlike the inverted triangles among us, you’ll have a full bust and tummy, and you will not have a defined waist”.

The arms will remain slim and you will have “lovely legs”, noticing any weight gain or loss around the bust or belly instead.

Melissa’s advice was as follows: “If you’re apple-shaped but not overweight you have two options, either cinch in your garments to create extra waist emphasis, or wear something straight and narrow which hangs from the shoulders and skims the tummy area.

“If you’re carrying some weight you’d rather people didn’t know about then choose a garment that skims the tummy.”

Ruched or draped fabrics can be a “clever way to give tummy coverage” – just be careful that the fabric isn’t stiff or heavy. The right underwear can also “make a big difference”.

A low neckline, for example, a V neck, will refine the bust far more than a crew neck. Melissa suggested that apple shapes avoid clothing that clings to the tummy, patterns on the waist of a dress and short sleeves finishing at a mid-bust level.

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