IHSE USA to Roll out Latest Emerging Tech for C2 Operations

IHSE USA will showcase its new line of products supporting emerging technology for command and control (C2) operations at Booth 2803 during WEST 2022, Feb. 16-18 in San Diego.

Protecting important data has historically been secured behind a firewall and isolated to those with need-to-know access only, which is presenting a new challenge for government and military agencies. These agencies are grappling with an increased need for secure systems on one end and the flexibility to allow classified informational access for an ever-growing distributed workforce on the other. At WEST 2022, IHSE USA will be offering the 487 Series, its latest generation of secure KVM extenders that are being certified to meet the National Information Assurance Partnership Protection Profile for PSD 4.0 standard. These secure KVM extenders maintain air-gap isolation while improving an operator’s efficiency and effectiveness in working across multiple security enclaves in government, military, finance, health care, and other critical infrastructure applications.

Alongside state-of-the-art, secure KVM extender technology, IHSE USA now raises the bar with unmatched performance in higher refresh rates to support real-time military training and simulation systems. The Draco Tactical Ultra Series of extenders pull from technology designed for eSports and gaming to support refresh rates up to 240Hz and at full 1080p resolutions. For simulators or secure training centers, where computers need to be located at distances that exceed the reach of copper cables, these high-frame-rate extenders can be used to isolate sensitive hardware away from the training area while maintaining sharp visual images and tracking during fast-action simulations.

For expeditionary forces where task-organized forces or short-notice deployment missions are required, IHSE USA has partnered with UTS Systems to offer integrated Command Post AV Comms systems using IHSE’s Battle Command Display Management Systems (BCDMS), which enable operations to be conducted immediately upon arrival. Based on proven off-the-shelf technology, BCDMS provide full C2 components to support large wall displays, touch screens, and multiview image processing. Each BCDMS package is built to order and offers a wide range of flexibility without complex configuration and setup requirements. Systems can be configured and operational in minutes, not days.

With IHSE USA BCDMS, access to multiple data levels, such as classified or unclassified, can be managed at the same user station with a single display, keyboard, and mouse. For users who need to monitor several displays simultaneously, the BCDMS’ control system provides an easy way configure the keyboard and mouse to track across multiple displays, providing immediate control of the connected source as the mouse travels between displays.

Additionally, the BCDMS can be optimized to include IHSE USA’s MV42 series multiviewer, whereby up to four sources can be tracked and displayed on a single projector screen. As the mouse moves to each quadrant, the operator gains access to that source device. This option saves valuable workspace and reduces the number of projector display-screens needed.

The encrypted transport layer between the BCDMS devices is not based on TCP/IP protocol and runs autonomously from the network. Each signal between devices travels along its own signal path. Access to the connected sources can only be done through the control system integrated to the matrix switch, which is isolated from the network. This also eliminates bandwidth saturation on the network because the BCDMS is not depending on the network for communication between the source and displays.

“BCDMS will drive organizational changes to how expeditionary services integrate C2 deployable communications to their command post operations,” says Dan Holland, marketing manager for IHSE USA. “With today’s increasing threats to computer and network systems, making systems resilient to cyberattack is paramount. BCMDS adds that extra layer of security by isolating visual intelligence from the network.”

For secure network isolation of multisource display management, IHSE USA also introduces the Draco tera flex series of secure KVM matrix systems. From a basic 1-RU model with 16 ports to a 4-RU model with 160 ports, flex provides huge time savings for system installers who normally must preconfigure network ports as inputs or outputs. No matter the connectivity requirements, the flex can accommodate every need, including copper or fiber connections as well as a mixture of fiber and copper frames.

With flex, users simply plug in the desired extender unit, and the built-in controller system will automatically register the type of device and assign it to that port as an active source or destination. This is accomplished through IHSE USA’s flex-Port technology that provides instant switching capabilities for all the popular video formats including 4K resolutions and beyond.






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