In Georgia Senate race, Warnock needs 2020 coalition against Walker

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  • Democrats are in a crucial fight to maintain control of Congress.
  • A Warnock reelection would significantly help Democrats brush back a Republican takeover.
  • Warnock must overcome Biden’s low approval ratings, stubborn inflation and fears of a looming recession to replicate support in Atlanta’s suburbs.

JONESBORO, Ga. – Carl Cox Jr., a 31-year-old software developer from Dallas, Georgia, northwest of Atlanta, voted for Democrat Raphael Warnock in the 2020 special election to fill the remaining two years of a U.S. Senate seat. But this year, he’s having trouble getting excited about Georgia’s U.S. Senate race, in which Warnock is running for reelection for a full six-year term.

Cox pointed to the souring economy and his own “fatigue” with politics.

He called Warnock, a second-year senator, a “lesser of two evils” in his reelection campaign against Republican Herschel Walker. And he cited the senator’s support for abortion rights, not legislative accomplishments, as the main reason he reluctantly backs Warnock.

“It’s just more of, do I want to drag myself out of bed and do it at that moment?” Cox said of voting in the pivotal Georgia election that could decide control of the Senate. “I just haven’t seen outcomes from Warnock as much as I would have liked to.”

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Democrats can’t afford voters like Cox sitting on the sidelines as Warnock looks to re-create the coalition that helped flip the Peach State blue two years ago and hand Democrats control of the Senate. President Joe Biden, Warnock and fellow Georgia Sen. Jon Ossoff assembled a coalition of minority, young and first-time voters, with an emerging Democratic stronghold – suburban voters like Cox – to win their elections and flip a once reliably red state.

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