it is now possible to buy its smartphones with cryptocurrencies

After the launch of the REDMAGIC 7 series, the Nubia gaming smartphone brand has chosen to improve the user experience offered to its customers. In fact, starting from 10 March, it is possible to use cryptocurrencies to make purchases on the manufacturer’s official website.

The choice is linked to REDMAGIC‘s desire to explore the tech world in all its forms. This includes cryptocurrencies, NFTs and even the Metaverse. To be able to pay in peace using cryptocurrencies, the company relies on Utrust, an ecosystem based on the blockchain.

We are glad to announce, starting today, March 10, we are enabling the use of cryptocurrency as a payment method on our official sites – – together with Utrust, a leading blockchain-powered payment ecosystem. In addition, by introducing cryptocurrency as a payment option, we aim to bring a new customer experience to crypto enthusiasts and bridge the gap between gaming and the Web 3.0 World. Both REDMAGIC and Utrust are super excited to be working together on this endeavor and the benefits it will bring to our customers.

So, by introducing support for cryptocurrencies, the brand wants to offer its users maximum freedom of expression. Everyone can choose the way they consider most comfortable to operate on the site, bringing the world of gaming into direct contact with Web 3.0.

RedMagic: it is now possible to buy its smartphones with cryptocurrencies

Also, Pedro Martinho, Utrust’s Chief Marketing Officer, enthusiastically commented on the news: “REDMAGIC is an excellent example of why we do what we do. They are at the forefront of technology, building an exciting product from the ground up. They are trailblazing their own future, and that’s definitely something we relate to”.

Users will find the Utrust item among the payment options and, once selected, they will be able to choose between the seven currently supported cryptocurrencies:

– Bitcoin (BTC)

– Ethereum (ETH)

– USD Coin (USDC)

– Utrust (UTK)

– Dash (DASH)

– Tether (USDT)

– Elrond eGld (EGLD)

So, once you pick your choice and the send transfer, your order will get confirmation shortly after. In case of overpayment, the Utrust platform will automatically refund it via email.

An important question I am sure you are now burning to know the answer too. We will accept refunds for orders paid with a cryptocurrency. The order will be refunded through the Utrust platform and will be in the same cryptocurrency; that was in use for the order and it will equal the fiat value of the order. Any network fees that may be incurred will be deducted automatically from the refund total. The crypto refund will be refunded directly to your crypto address.






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