Jake Paul, Anderson Silva boxing match expected to draw big audience

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The great reveal of boxing’s systemic flaws is this: 

Less than three years into his professional boxing career, YouTube sensation Jake Paul is positioned to generate the most popular pay-per-view boxing bout of 2022 not involving Canelo Alvarez.

So much of that is hitched to the charismatic Paul, 25, leaning into the footprint of his more than 20 million subscribers to advance his fledgling boxing career.

Relying on that gift of gab, Paul has emerged as the perfect contrarian to several veterans wearing world-title belts. By not understanding the value of hyping themselves, those big-time fighters continue to flounder, committing self-induced damage to their earnings by squandering opportunities to create legacy bouts.

“Boxing could eliminate Jake Paul in a heartbeat if it just made big fights,” Sports Illustrated boxing writer and DAZN fight analyst Chris Mannix said this week. “Boxing created the lane for Jake Paul to drive his Corvette through. And he’s done exactly that.”

As the post-pandemic economy forced the world to tighten their belts, many prominent boxers need to recalibrate their financial expectations and egos to this new reality. The major investment money that previously fattened their bank accounts has vanished.

Those millions previously earned decreased many fighters’ interest in remaining as active as usual, while also minimizing their willingness to accept opponents who would threaten the zero in their loss column.

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