‘Jellyfish’ bob hair trend makes a splash and leaves TikTokers saying same thing

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A bizarre new beauty trend has gone viral on TikTok – and celebrities like Nicole Kidman have also sported the unique style in fashion magazines.

The jellyfish haircut, which received its name for its resemblance to the aquatic creature, has a short bob as the outer layer of the hair while the inner layer remains long.

TikTok videos using the jellyfish hair hashtag have collectively racked up more than 43billion views, with style influencer Tina flaunting the do in a video shared to her 66,600 followers.

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Australian A-lister Nicole Kidman, 55, also posed wearing a bold red wig with a blunt bob cut at the front and long locks at the back on the cover of the latest issue of Perfect Magazine.

jellyfish haircut
The jellyfish haircut has gone viral on TikTok

But despite the trend going global, many social media users aren’t convinced it’s a good look.

TikTok user who goes by @celestefohl mocked the hairdo likening it to TV mum Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch, as they wrote: “The new jellyfish haircut.

“I like it, it’s pretty cool but I’ve definitely seen it on someone before and that person was Carol Brady.”

Another quipped: “This is how people look when they do their own hair extensions.”

A third said: “It was also me back in 2011 when I messed up a scene haircut and got bullied for it.”

“No. Imagine how is grows out,” a fourth commented.

A hairdresser even chimed in to slam the trim, adding: “I used to cut this haircut for a lady back when I was in hair school in 06. She always called it ‘two layers’ and I hated it.”

But not everyone hated it as some users claimed it was ‘cute’ and said they wanted it themselves.

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jellyfish haircut
The haircut got its name for its likeness to a jellyfish

One user said: “ITS SO CUTEEE.”

Another added: “I want jellyfish hair so bad but I have short hair.”

Although, others remained on the fence about it, writing: “I want to cut my hair but don’t at the same time. Your haircut is like the middle ground.”


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