John McCroskey Commentary: Frustrated Over Gender Politics, Lack of Action on Inflation

By John McCroskey

I don’t know about you, but this inflation crap is really taking a bite out of daily expenses.  Worse, those responsible don’t seem to have any desire to do anything about it. Either that, or they are just deliberately ignoring it. It impacts just about everyone except maybe the very rich. The “climate czar” John Kerry isn’t complaining about flying his private jet around the world.  That must leave a carbon footprint.

But my little pickup, which used to be about $40 to fill, now pushes upwards of $80, and that stings.

It is reassuring to hear President Joe Biden say over and over it’s not his fault. Or Vice President Kamala Harris said we voted for this. I’m not sure of the “who” she was referring to but it wasn’t me, or anyone else I’ve spoken to. While President Biden calls around the world begging for more oil production from unfriendly countries (which is really embarrassing) he could probably fix it himself, without begging, by reinstating the policies former President Donald Trump had in place. He won’t, of course, because the left wing of the Democratic Party demands he doesn’t.

Meanwhile, there seems to be no interest in doing something about skyrocketing inflation for average consumers in grocery stores and everywhere else items come on a truck.

But what are they interested in?

Well, one thing is proposing to spend $2.6 billion around the world to promote “gender equity.” First, why is it our responsibility to fund something like this around the world with borrowed money? But even more ludicrous is calling it equitable to let men who identify as women compete against real women. The most notable, at least in the news, is from the University of Pennsylvania where a former male swimmer went from being ranked No. 462 as a male to No. 1 racing as a woman.

Certainly equity suggests this isn’t very equitable for those young women who trained for years and now are up against someone who was born a male, regardless of what he (now she) identifies as. Either that, or “equitable” doesn’t mean what I thought it did.

President Biden recently said, “On this day and every day, let us recognize that all of us have a better future when women and girls can reach their full potential — and together, let’s renew our efforts to advance dignity, equality and limitless possibilities for all.”

Of course he doesn’t mean all, just those who agree with him. And the rest of us? Well we have to get on board with the woke thinkers we are producing these days.

What else is he interested in? Well, he wants to be sure kids as young as kindergarten get indoctrinated about sex, gender and other inappropriate topics for their age. They are apparently not too concerned with reading, writing and arithmetic, just gender fluidity and sex.

I look at my young nieces and nephews and have to ask why, at this age, is this ban on promoting sex and gender identity for K-3rd grades even controversial? But the bottom line is why are these knotheads so interested in teaching kids this young about sex at all? It used to be described, and in fact easily could be grooming, but Biden’s education secretary refers to it as a violation of civil rights.

I’m not sure how much of a knothead you have to be to think that way, but it’s clear the government has more than their share of them.

Let the kids be kids. You’ll have plenty of time to teach them liberal drivel as they get older.


It’s Women’s History Month and there are a lot of fantastic examples of women and their accomplishments all around us. Starting with moms — now those are real women.

However, one of USA Today’s women of the year isn’t a woman at all. Like the swimmer from Penn, she used to be a man who now identifies as a woman and is high up in the Biden administration.

Now I don’t care what she calls herself, but since this is Women’s History Month, shouldn’t being an actual woman be a requirement to win this honor?

Just asking.


John McCroskey was Lewis County sheriff from 1995 to 2005. He lives outside Chehalis and can be contacted at [email protected].








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