Kat Von D’s spooky mansion could be yours!

Kat Von D’s gothic style isn’t just part of her appearance; in fact, it is a lifestyle! The Mexican-born tattoo artist and tattoo studio owner, best known for her TLC reality show LA Ink, bought in 2016 a mansion in Los Angeles for $6.5 million.

The property, which served as the set for 2003’s family comedy Cheaper by the Dozen, got entirely remodeled to suit Kat’s spooky aesthetic. After living in the stunning but spooky property for about five years, the model, recording artist, New York Times bestselling author, animal rights campaigner, and entrepreneur, decided to close her studio, High Voltage Tattoo, pack her bags and move to Indiana to spend more time with her family.

Unfortunately, the multifaceted star can’t take her gothic mansion with her; therefore, the spectacular and distinctive property is waiting for another owner with a unique taste, willing to pay $15 million.

The inside and outside of the mansion is breathtaking, and luckily, the team of Top Ten Real Estate Deals, shared with HOLA! USA every single angle from Kat Von D’s multi-million dollar mansion. But if you are wondering how her new home looks like, it is a four-story historic Indiana mansion. The 35-room home hit the market in March 2020 for $1,874,000.

Enjoy below!






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