Kiwanis Against Hunger Packs 50,000 meals

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JAMESTOWN, N.D. (Kiwanis Jamestown) – With the help of 100 volunteers, Jamestown Kiwanis packed more than 50,000 meals for hungry families.

The 40 or so members of Jamestown Kiwanis raised more than $7,000 for the Saturday’s Kiwanis Against Hunger event, held at the Jamestown Rural Fire Department.

“About one-third of all North Dakota students rely upon free and reduced lunches during the school day. We worked with Orphan Grain Train and Great Plains Food Bank to provide these meals locally and around the globe,” said Event Chair Krysten Perkins.
Each meal consists of rice, soy, nutrients and flavoring.

Recipients only need to add boiling water to create a nutritious meal. The meals cost less than 25 cents per serving.

After a pandemic pause, this Kiwanis Against Hunger is the first since 2019.

“This is our first time holding this event post-pandemic,” said Kiwanis President Hayley Wolf. “We didn’t really know what to expect as the pandemic still impacts our community. However, the need for meals is high, especially as we see increases in gas and grocery prices. Kids need Kiwanis more than ever.”

From 2011 to 2019, the annual meal-packing event generated about 1.26 million meals for children in North Dakota and around the world. Throughout those years, the club raised $291,000 to make this possible.

“We are happy to be back in action, working toward our mission,” Perkins said. We couldn’t have done it without our amazing community.”

The Kiwanis family felt determined to hold this event again, once it was safe, Wolf said.

“The results today show that the community is ready to be back in action,” she said. “For that, we are thankful. Without the community’s help, this wouldn’t be possible.”

Improving the world one child and one community at a time is why Kiwanis exists and why its members are so dedicated. Each year, Kiwanis members donate their time to various community projects and causes including, but not limited to, the Arts Center, Jamestown High School, Camp Rokiwan, SAFE Shelter and Salvation Army.

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