LATAM Airlines plane damaged in severe weather

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A LATAM Paraguay flight flew through an intense thunderstorm Wednesday night and sustained damage before making an emergency landing in Asunción, Paraguay.

Flight 1325 was scheduled to travel from Santiago, Chile, to Asunción but had to divert to Foz do Iguaçu due to weather. According to the airline, the weather eventually cleared enough for the flight to resume, but conditions deteriorated before the Airbus A320 landed again at its planned destination.

“The weather conditions encountered during the flight impacted the plane’s mechanisms and damaged the exterior of the aircraft. For LATAM Airlines, the event that unfolded impacting the safety of the flight is considered serious,” a statement from the airline said. “In accordance with aeronautical regulations, LATAM Airlines Paraguay is cooperating with the local authorities investigating the matter.”

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Video that reportedly was filmed by passengers on the flight showed the rough conditions onboard.

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