Lompoc Unified School District now recruiting international teachers

LOMPOC, Calif. – Lompoc Unified School District has expanded its hiring recruitment to reach around the globe, specifically to the Ukraine.

“Most recently we shared with them our interest in providing this opportunity not only to all international but in particular to our Ukrainian teachers,” said Bree Valla with the Lompoc Unified School District.

The district is also seeking community assistance with temporary housing for their international candidates while they look for a permanent location.

Lompoc Unified School District is excited to work with international teachers not only to provide excellent instruction for students but also to impart their cultural knowledge.

“We see it as a win-win for everybody,” said Bree Valla.

The district is currently interviewing for teachers in a variety of areas such as elementary, english language arts, math, science and special education.

“When students can identify with their teachers, the school experience is all the better,” said Valla. 

The district’s goal is to develop more globally-minded students. 

Teachers interested in applying and anyone interested in providing temporary housing are encouraged to contact Bree Valla, by clicking here.






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