Looking For Easy Breakfast Ideas? These 7 South Indian Dishes Can Be Made In Just Minutes

South Indian food is delicious, healthy, rich in flavours and has everything that could make you happy once you wake up in the morning. We just love to indulge in hot steaming idlis, dosas, uttapams or other such delicacies for breakfast. The best thing about these dishes is that they are versatile and provide you with ample space for experimentation. So, instead of following the traditional methods of cooking, you can make a few tweaks and yet retain the taste and flavours of the original recipes. Here’s a collection of 7 South Indian breakfast ideas that can be rustled up in a mere 15 minutes.

7 South Indian Breakfast Recipes That Can Be Made In 15 Minutes

1) Green Pea Upma

Usually cooked with dry-roasted semolina and vegetables with certain spices, upma is a heavenly South Indian breakfast option. And the green peas in this recipe add a healthy punch to the first meal of your day. Enjoy it with a topping of fresh coriander leaves.


Green pea upma is a delciosu breakfast option.

2) Murmure Appe

This is another South Indian dish that can be made in 15 minutes. Traditionally, it is made with rice batter. But since that could take a lot of time for the process of fermentation, here’s a quicker alternative – murmure (puffed rice) appe

3) Idli-Sambar

When we talk of South Indian food, the idli-sambar combination is one of the first things that come to mind. You can easily make restaurant-style instant idli and sambar in a few minutes. Use semolina for a quick replacement of the usual fermented batter and serve with a bowl of hot steaming sambar. You’ll certainly love it.

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4) Oats Uttapam

Are you someone who likes to devour a healthy breakfast? Well, then this could be your go-to option. This is one healthy recipe that provide you with protein and fibre. Use fresh coriander leaves for garnishing.


Oats uttapam is an easy and healthy breakfast. 

5) Medu Vada

Medu vada is another favourite when it comes to South Indian recipes. To make the fried fritters (medu vada) in 15-minutes, mix mashed potatoes, bread pieces along with other spices, and make small roundels. Fry them and you are good to go.

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6) Rice Flour Dosa

Some of us are always ready to dig in yummy dosa at any given point in time. This instant rice flour dosa recipe can be made in a few minutes and could be a quick fix for your breakfast. You can also prepare this at home in a jiffy when guests arrive. Pair it up with sambar and chutney.

7) Poha Dosa

You can make this delightful dosa in just 10 minutes. You can make this if you have kids at home who sometimes, instantly demand dosa.


Poha dosa is easy and delicious.

With these easy South Indian recipes, breakfast won’t be a difficult chore anymore. Head straight to the kitchen and get going!






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